Thursday, January 14, 2010

heehee this was why I used to love roald dahl so much, in fact I still do. :D my favourite book is matilda, love the idea of how that girl could move things with her mind. especially the part when she used that power to scare the teacher, sounds so exciting! stupid me would start to imagine myself with that power too and try it whenever there was any chance. haha come on guys, before you snicker, think. im sure you have ever done something similar to this as well. all those jumping down your bed to resue your teddy bear while pretending to be spiderman, using your pencil as a wand and chanting "wingardiam leviosa" nonsense counted! :P

alright, was just taking a break. back to reports, collating MR now but waiting for my groupmates' individual parts. lalala~~

signing off, viting
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