Sunday, January 31, 2010

an update with an attempt to revive this space!

for the past month I seriously have been doing nothing much except meeting with my group mates to discuss projects and rushing to finish reports after reports after reports. I seriously dun have much of a life anymore. when I am not doing projects I am catching up on much needed and much deserved sleep so between everything I really dun have much spare time nor energy. haha sorry to all the friends I have neglected, I feel bad because it almost seems like I am placing all these projects of greater importance than them. but really no, just that when you have to do work, you have to do work.

the thing about projects is, you dun always reap what you sow, great effort does not always reflect accordingly on the dreaded results slip. but what I like is all the stronger bonds and the fact that I feel much closer to some of my classmates than before. it also gave me greater understanding of some people as well as allow me to know myself better.

losing my cool/swollen eyes/dark eye rings as dark as darkness/pure fatigue/sleepless nights/gratefulness/disappointment/happiness/relief/giving up/crappy moments/resentment. the good the bad and the ugly. but mostly, I had fun working with everyone. :D

aside from all that, I did manage to have some fun doing random things with random cool people, none of which I remember. :D heehee my losing of braincells thing is getting serious. but I remember yesterday! in the afternoon I met rach, weijie and tinghui and we ate at Manhattan fishy market and the talked(mostly nonsense)at starbucks all the way until I had to leave. went to meet my classmates and we went to watch raimi's and yeechuan's performance! the music was wayyy loud and nearly broke my eardrums, but it was a good [erformance nevertheless, good stage presence and lovely(loud) music. afterwwards, we left to explore ngee ann poly and had dinner+play cards all the way till late. :D it was awesome fun.

alright how how how my microsoft cannot use so I cannot start on my powerpoint slides for GOM. I think I shall have to do those tomorrow then?!

anw next week would be packed with presentations. good luck to all the groups we can totally do this! :D

signing off, viting
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