Tuesday, January 19, 2010

with the gom report due in two days and my uccd part not done, basically the mountains of things waiting for me to do, the last thing I should be doing is blogging. haha but I must share this incident, I swear my heart nearly stopped.

so just now I came home and started working on my gom report, I know time is tight and I am the slowest collator ever in the history of mankind. and I have to get it done soon if not I really let my group members down. yup but I cannot help but take my own sweet time correcting sentences and everything because I like them to sound nice. :P haha so anyway, I was working on it when suddenly my computer screen turned BLUE and then promptly STARTED FLASHING. then it blacked out! and there it was, my report UNSAVED and if my computer dies then how do I continue?!

went screaming into my sister's room and jumping around the house only to get glared by my sister. (she's preparing for her test tomorrow haha) yup so I tried restarting it and NOTHING HAPPENED! thank goodness in the end I somehow managed to revive it and thus I can blog now. if not GOOD GAME. :D but it was really scary! you know the phrase everyone used to write in their compositions "my heart was in my mouth?" yeah it was like that. :D

anyway I was on my way home just now, happily listening to music and dreaming on the train when out of the blue the whole train jerked. haha so in my attempt to not fall, I grabbed this kid's badminton racquet which was poking out of his bag. he literally spun around, glare at me and went to the next cabin! like what the hell right?!? haha everyone around me who saw gave me amused looks and I felt stupid.

okayyy just taking a break, shall get back to work. :D aim for tonight is to finish the report so that we can do the cover page and appendix tomorrow! :D :D

signing off, viting
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