Thursday, February 18, 2010

back to post about chinese new year! :D :D and happy news! the hospital finally came up with the final conclusion! it is nothing too serious, just high blood pressure so now mum's taking medicine regularly. but other than that, she will be resting in the hospital for another few days and then can be discharged! :D

before I start, this is another long and wordy post! haha anyway so about this year's chinese new year, it can basically be summarized with four words- happy, beautiful, heartwarming and unhealthy.

happy because of all the fun things I did with my cousins, never a quiet moment and always running or joking around. other than the usual gambling, I also played monopoly and loads of stupid games like pepsi cola 123 or ice and water etc. yes stupid as they may seem, all of us had a blast and laughed ourselves silly. :D as for the gambling, I lost 20 bucks in malaysia and another 10 bucks at yeechuan's house so in total this year I lost 30 bucks. thank you very much. =.= hahaha but money in exchange for fun, after doing my math, I concluded it worthwhile. :D heehee anyway I dun normally gamble, only for chinese new year! :D

beautiful because of all the fireworks and pretty lights and lanterns and more and more and more! hahaha this year other than fireworks and fire crackers, we also released kongming lanterns. if you guys dun know what that is, it is actually huge lanterns that people would write their wishes on. it is said that upon lighting them up and releasing them into the sky, your wishes would come true! :D

under the starry night, on the spacious balcony of my grandparent's house and with my family + relatives + relative's relative + neighbours, I felt contented and it was all really heartwarming. under the influence of a little liquor and the whole cheerful atmosphere, everyone became friendlier and we all became long lost friends! haha I had fun playing with the used-to-be-strangers-but-now-friends people. :D we stayed there playing with sparklers and all kinds of fire crackers, and also chatted all the way till sunrise.

lastly, unhealthy obviously because of all the junk food and nonsense I ate everyday. not to mention the cans of soft drinks I drank everyday- at least five cans. so now it's time to eat healthier so I dun die from heart disease before next year!

alrighty! off to study for gems test tomorrow so goodbye world! I am happy today, hope everyone else is too!

signing off, viting
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