Monday, February 8, 2010

hahaha hope you were suitably surprised and hope it was happy!

so on friday I skipped school yet again. sigh very very much wanted to go to school but I forgot to set my 4 trustworthy alarm clocks the night before. was attempting to complete my MR project with my group members on skype but fell asleep in front of my computer. haha was busy snoring away until my group members started shouting for me to wake up through the computer speakers and I managed to jerk awake. heehee sorry I bu zheng qi, did not manage to do much for this questionnaire.

anyway went to meet lydia and shitian when I woke up. :D then later the other three joined us. we spent the rest of the evening trying to make sure lydia does not end up fainting because she suddenly fell sick, puked like five times?!? I was rather shocked, i mean who on earth has thaaat much puke?! heehee but after panicking the whole afternoon, she got better! and we made our way to the barbeque. she was supposed to be kept in the dark about this surprise until we lead her to the place. yup but because she spent the afternoon nearly dying and wanting to go home and rest, we had to let her in on some parts of the secret lest she really goes home.

the barbeque was kinda fun, almost the whole class was there. haha then afterwards, yeeyen + crosby + me + lydia lazed around at some coffeeshop at ang mo kio till morning. I went home and slept all the way until I missed my shopping date with rach. ): really sorry I owe you one seriously! slept the rest of saturday happily lazing around, I read and watched shows.

as for today,
I spent an entire day with my family.
explore the entire chinatown and bugis.
queued up for 2 hours for barbeque pork and only managed to get the broken ones cos they ran out of sliced pork.
ate more sliced pork and plum sweets and xiao long baos I have ever eaten
helped my mum carry her new blouse but misplaced it.

hahaha got lazy towards the end so I started typing in point form, faster and I believe, easier to read too! :D anyway good news!! all my projects have officially come to an end, I am relieved. but thinking back, I really did have fun with my nonsensical group mates most of the time. hope I get to work together with all of them again during year 3.

alrighty! am off to bed, I have an interview tomorrow. should I go to school or go straight for the interview?!

signing off, viting
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