Sunday, February 28, 2010

the moon is picture perfect tonight. :D

anyway I am here to blog about friday-saturday! haha a bunch of us went to east coast park in the afternoon. we played ball games and entertained ourselves writing stupid words in the sand and buliding puddles of sandcastle-looking-things. afterwards, we decided to rent double bikes for the fun of it and went cycling! haha I am not weak at all okay! I could ride meitong all the way to the other side of the park! :D ninja viting!

then at night, several others came and due to some misunderstanding, they thought we planned to have night cycling. because it does not sound adequately exiting or challenging for me to cycle all night, I decided to go along with yeechuan and meitong to rollar blade instead!

then I must have been out of my mind, must have been momentarily possessed or something! I agreed to blade all the way to chanji village! haha at the moment I felt up for a challenge but really, after trying it my verdict is that it is definitely not for the faint-hearted! the journey back was bad, thankfully for the cyclists whom we could hold on to and effortless glide back, namely kk and yc! :D although I felt really accomplished when I finally came back, my muscles are paying the price for my implusive and irrational decision now. hahaha it is not THAT bad, just that I cannot walk down the stairs/run/lift my arm above my head now. oh and I take ten years to sit down.

anyway! going to changi village and back took us the entire night. then all of us went home and then I went to meet lyana+gaya+huda+subeer immediately. haha it was nice to see everyone again, although I was dying the whole time. was really tired and my nose was giving me hell. am much better now though! my muscle aches are also feeling better as compared to in the morning. hope I recover by tomorrow, jen asked me to cycle and study with her! :D

ooh alright done with this update! off to get my hrm notes filled in now!

signing off, viting
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