Thursday, March 4, 2010

yesterday was THE LAST DAY OF EXAMS! I THREW AWAY ALL MY NOTES AFTER THE TEST YAY! hahaha so I am now free like a caged bird being released into the bright blue sky! to celebrate the end of exams, some of us went to have pasta and then watched alls wells ends well, strange name, alot of sssss. haha it was at the preview lounge or something, a very small cinema. but I like it, very cosy. I kept drifting in and out of sleep throughout the movie, although it was a very funny movie, I was simply too tired.

nevermind, I made up for it today by watching another movie! watched Up In The Air, and it was not bad, a romantic comedy. I FINISHED ONE WHOLE POPCORN ALL BY MYSELF+ONE HUGE DRINK. hahaha had a sudden craving for sweet caramel coated popcorn that's why, the ones I attempted to make last night failed to satisfy.

then afterwards as suggested by weiying, we went to newton circus food centre for yummy food! all that seafood still swimming in my stomach now, I think I ate too much though, stomachache now. my family members are not a least bit sympathetic, "ZI ZHUO ZI SHOU!" haha they said that, so mean right!

yesterday we celebrated, buffet spread at his house and then played catching at the playground. LOL BEEN AGES SINCE I LAST PLAYED! SO FUN! haha anyway happy birthday once again, turning up is the best present. :D

okayyy anyway my show is loaded! off to watch it! cheers!

signing off, viting
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