Friday, April 23, 2010

been blogging less regularly, obviously because I am always kept busy with work. when I finally get home after a long day, I have just about enough determination and strength to flop on the couch until bedtime and then drag myself to the bedroom and flop on my bed. :D

although everyday is work and more work, I managed to find small things about work to be happy about everyday. like recently, I actually find replying the numerous emails cool and completing the quotations challenging and interesting. through planning out the itinerary for the schools, I discover more about peranakan cultures, little india, chinatown, world war 2, balestier etc etc. today, I even went to SCGS to discuss the itinerary I planned with a bunch of teachers. hahaha they did not bother to mask their surprise when they saw me and were like, "wow didnt expect you to be so small." however, they did not treat me any differently , so it was just like those business deals I always see in dramas. wayyy cool, heehee I felt very professional. hopefully there would be more of such opportunities, I dun want to be confined to the small office I want to go out! meet people! close deals! explore! learn!

next week it would be raimi and clar's turn, they managed to close deals as well so should go meeting the in charge to discuss. I think we are all getting on track, especially raimi haha he is really different from how he normally is in school. because now he sits quietly and research/type itineraries/make phone calls the whole day. well but yes, he will occasionally burst into some annoying song.

now work aside, I managed to meet some friends this week. I forgot on which random day, I met up with a bunch a completely random people and we just sat at newyork x2 and talked about completely random things. haha jiahao, xinru, kiawoon, lisa and zhiwei = really super random. but we had fun and it was so heartwarming catching up with everyone. :D

also, wenjie and jenny and I finally managed to have dinner together! :D thanks for the endless laughter and sound advice.

alrighty so life is a fluffy cloud of cotton candy(yes I am hungry) for me now. may it stay this way and never rain.


signing off, viting
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