Monday, April 12, 2010

today I learnt two things: never to make decisions when I am angry and not to promise anything when I am happy. reason is simple, when I am all exasperated i tend to over-react. I feel like the whole world, no the freaking universe, is against me and I am like this sad character in a drama show who will never experience happiness and justice ever again in my next nine lives presuming I become a cat. (x and when I am happy I feel like I am super lucky and getting more than my fair share of good luck. heehee and then I feel like I am capable of anything and it's during such times that I tend to happily make empty promises. cannot blame me! at those times I really feel like I would fulfil it and only when realisation dawn on me that I become bewildered at how the hell I am going to carry them through.

wow whew I am done with my chuck of pretty much nonsensical thoughts. (:

yay yet another week since internship started and ended. tomorrow will be a brand new day! (:(: I admit that in the beginning I was really overwhelmed. for the first week I genuinely felt like my life would be terrible forever and I was stuck in a rut that I could do nothing about. but now I just want to be happy and positive! at least I know that at tour connections I would never really be bored, with the endless stream of tasks to complete. about 5 more months + 1 week, I am do it manxzxz!

and I know I really should blog about Vietnam as promised. I really want to! but my heart is not determined enough to send the right signals to my fingers and convince them to type the post out. (: heehee so maybe next time!

hohoho and thanks to all the friends who took them off to meet me this week. (: I want to meet lyana though! haha I know im working everyday but i think dinner on one of those random weekday nights should be fine. (:

things to do next week(or I should say this week cos it's past midnight) include:
- bake another chocolate cake(I baked one with sis today and it's so damn good!)
- watch monga, ethan's starring in it oh man oh man!
- watch the mediacorp star awards. I am actually quite excited about it. yes I know I very no life yada yada blah blahhh
- finish my secret masterpiece of a birthday card
- complete my blue logbook, I have been putting it off for too long!

that's all for now! which is a lot, because work is taking up virtually all my spare time so I hope I can complete the above list, among other things.

okay that's all for now! (: gone with the wind! hohoho what a lame way to end.

okay viting just shut up already.

cheers! off!

signing off, viting
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