Saturday, April 3, 2010

you know when you're in a car and you glance out of the window and it seems as though you are flying pass everything?"


"that's what i feel like, everyday. except im those trees; that highway marker; the street lamps. i am standing still and life is rushing past me, 50 miles an hour in the wrong direction."

"then close your eyes"

I took this off the internet and though some parts are adapted, the general meaning stays true and I remember feeling the same way more than once, definitely not the only one too. :D

I know I have been neglecting my blog but life has really been hell busy, with work and personal time and friends and family time. but I suppose i am kinda getting used to the stressful work we have to do everyday, not like im making less mistakes though. haha but I am happier than when I first started internship and that's good! and boss is undoubtedly much nicer to us recently, mdm ong even bought us all chocolate! they are timtams, my favourite thing in the world. :D speaking of which, please tell me you guys know what timtams are because my friends shocked me when they all appeared clueless while I gushed about the heavenly chocolate taste of timtam biscuits. I mean, you guys can't not have eaten it, it's practically a crime hahaha.

anyway this is just a short update, will be back for more soon! off to catch up on my tv time hohoho goodbye! (: stay happy everyone!

signing off, viting
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