Friday, May 14, 2010

yesterday I felt kinda queasy in the morning and I had a slight headache. but being deluded that I was some warrior and I am always strong, I figured I could go to work as usual. then on the train on the way to work, it got worse and worse but I felt too lame to turn back and the closer I got to my workplace the lamer I felt it would be if I were to turn back. basically to cut the story short, by mid morning at my office I had gone to the toilet and attempted to puke 4 times and actually puked once. finally decided to take a cab home and rest.

then the most drama thing happened. I FREAKING PUKED ON THE BLOODY CAB. okay before you guys freak out, I puked on the cab but I had a plastic bag so I didn't puke all over the cab. anyway the whole time I was on the cab, I was trying my best not to puke and making weird noises which made the driver very worried(for his car not for me). haha he kept stealing nervous glances at me and finally decided to hand me a plastic bag. LOL "nah in case you vomit, vomit here because this is my company's car not my car. sorry eh thank you eh." HAHAHA actually he was quite cute la, being so worried about his car and everything. and it was also quite embarrassing, making his whole car smell like puke.

well anyway I finally got home and crashed. slept all the way until evening, then dad brought me to the doctor. IT COST FREAKING 48 BUCKS FOR ONE STUPID MC AND TWO TYPES OF LAME MEDICINE. hahaha I can like buy two shirts or shoes or a bag! although dad paid for it but still! sigh being sick is such a waste of money.

I am much better now, even managed to get up and blog! :D haha I have been sleeping perpetually the whole of yesterday and today and the feeling is sooo good. It is so blissful to not have to worry about being late for work or quoting something wrongly for once. :D but I hate to think about all the stupid emails and hotel bookings and quotations I have lost track of these two days, hate to think of how I am going to deal with all of them when I go back to the office tomorrow. rawrrr life is such a ironic and idiotic beast sometimes.

whatever it is, I want to thank dad and mum for being extra nice to me these two days. haha and even jeffrey, who normally wouldn't lift a finger for me, listened to all my orders and helped me pour water/on the fan /get the remote etc etc. :D :D and all the friends who wished me well. actually I am not that sick la, just fever and headache, normal normal sickness. and I am much much better already!

die now I am addicted to taking MC I am addicted to slacking!
how to drag myself to work tomorrow?!

P.S. I finally updated this space! so many times I wanted to update but did not carry the decision through. had quite alot of feelings and thoughts and happenings to share but after so long I no longer have the urge to blog about them. hahaha would be less lazy and blog once the feeling hits! :D

signing off, viting
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