Monday, June 14, 2010

hi hi hello i am here to update yay this is an update! after ten million years! :D

today the three of us were bored to death in the office, especially clarence and me and especially especially me! haha partly because of the low season and partly because today is philippines's independence day. i was so bored that i googled "things to do when you are bored". yes it's pathetic i know! in one of the sites the author suggested learning the lyrics to a song, so i did! that kept my occupied for an hour, not bad not bad. :D i learnt "xiang ni jiu xie xin" by lang hua xiong di. next time anyone wants to sing that with me can!

anyway I am officially done with AUTUMN CONCERTO and the kid in the show, xiaole, is so freaking cute. everytime I look at him i want to squeal and squeeze his chubby cheeks awww and he is the sweetest thing ever! :D and admittedly vanness is quite handsome in the show. haha I never really liked him but this drama completely changed my impression of him. he is actually quite charming heehee. (why do always find every male lead charming?!)

in the show there is also his guy called hua tuo ye. i feel very sad for him really. he liked muchen for six years?!? even though muchen always let him down and go back to guangxi in the end, he still quietly watch over her and xiaole. but i figure this kinda unconditional love no longer exist. face it, everyone is realistic and people are selfish. still, his role is so heartbreaking! i hope to see him act in other dramas soon, i think he acts quite well. when he cries he makes me want to cry haha.

anyway the above two paragraphs are for fellow autumn concerto fans! :D :D hahaha but if you guys dun know what im crapping about, ignore! :D

now i am sooo sad because the show has come to an end. no more smiling like an idiot in front of the computer screen or going gaga over xiaole. sighhh what show should i start next?!

suggestions suggestions!!

wheee haha that's all for now! :D a random update! till next time, soon! rawr i cannot form a perfect sentence today! goodnight world!

signing off, viting
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