Friday, June 18, 2010


hahaha although i no longer have the room all to myself, but I would choose my sister over my own room anytime. :D it's no fun being alone in it anyway, nobody to chat with till late and throw pillows at lol. but mostly she does all the childish acts while the genius(me) sits demurely at one corner reading philosophical books. yeah right hahahaha kidding! (fine I know my sense of humor fail whatever!)

i must mention, she bought me this la pi xiao xin keychain and a few weeks ago when my brother came back from China he also brought back a la pi xiao xin keychain for me! haha their great minds think alike. :D and I love la pi xiao xin, he is so damn cute. I should go download some more of the cartoon and transfer it to my phone to watch on the way to work. but only problem, the cartoon is really hell funny and I dun want to be giggling like a lunatic on the train everytime. sighhh

yup evidently im happy today. :D

and it suddenly hit me that internship is going to end in 2 months, really soon! how time flies haha I think I may actually miss that place when it ends, just a teeny bit though!

anyway too early to think about it still. I shall continue to persevere and work hard for a few more weeks. alright that's all for now, got to go sleeepppp and recharge for tomorrow, need to be alert. will be back to blog more the next time I have some free time. till then!

signing off, viting
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