Saturday, July 10, 2010

I am typing this post in the office. yes I work on a Saturday = my life is tragic and pathetic I know! hahaha but at least it is just half a day! and most Saturdays I dun get much email so I just waste my half a day browsing random sites, printing out lyrics of my favourite songs to memorise, read yahoo news, stare into space etc. all these while attempting to act busy. (so that boss does not throw a bunch of new quotations at me. I am getting better and better and looking busy hohoho.) like now, I am typing this post on microsoft word so it seems like I am completing proposals. will just copy and paste this whole chuck to upload to blogger later. wheee!

Actually I want to post about this morning. I left home happy but by the time I reached the office I was downright pissed off and ready to pull out the eyelashes of anyone who dares to bother me. After spending the morning sulking I feel much happier though.

Why? because I simply cannot stand it when people smoke in the morning. I honestly do not mind if you wish to smoke and ruin your health and I understand that it is hard to quit. Personally I have friends who smoke and I am okay with it, as long as they dun smoke in front of me in the morning. afternoon no problem evening no problem just dun smoke in the morning damn it. I just want to enjoy the short walk to the mrt station and refresh my mind! Is that too much to ask for?!? I know I am strange but I absolutely hate it when I am enjoying the precious, not to mention so rare it is almost raw(haha), moments in the morning with fresh air and warm sunshine and all of a sudden, I am engulfed by deadly smoke. Then I will walk faster so that I dun have to take in all the smoke but the smoker will look at me weirdly and walk even faster. Then I will walk EVEN faster and he will somehow think that “wow this is a competition” and walk EVEN FASTER. in the end I will end up jogging like some retard. yeah today was one of those days, I met not one no two but three such people. *bursts into flames of anger*

I would also like to take this chance to add that our earth is really suffering. the air is no longer as fresh as before (I can feel it!) and more trees are being cut down everyday to make way for new buildings and to make paper etc. not to mention half the population now owes a car, we burn things everyday, and people smoke in the morning. ( LOL sorry I cannot get over it) which means the air will continuously more polluted. thus please save the earth! It is really very sad.

I am not perfect and I do waste paper. Moreover, I have this bad habit of tearing my Styrofoam cups/boxes to pieces before throwing them away. I heard that this releases some harmful chemicals into the air or something. But! I am trying to curb such bad habits and trying to be more environmentally friendly. so if you are reading this, I urge you to save the earth too. start doing your part, you can start with small actions…like not selecting the option for having the receipt whenever you use the atm machine etc etc. (I always try not to take a receipt, saves a lot of paper in the long run!)

I am not trying to be some environmentalist or be some goody-two-shoes. I just hate to see our earth slowly dying and natural disasters being more frequent. Dun want humans to perish

Then on the train there was this woman who kept pushing me and falling on me. no I usually dun mind as I completely understand that it is an accident but the problem was, everytime she pushed me she would glare at me as though I pushed her. puh-lease! the situation was innocent me minding my own business at the corner of the train when she comes along and keeps pushing me and stepping on my foot. The first time I even apologised! out of politeness la, I am nice like that. (haha roll your eyes, I know I know.) but subsequently I got pissed and shifted to another little corner but dun know how she managed to come up behind me and start pushing me again. Then she was all like muttering under her breath about me stepping on her and not apologising and about how youngsters are damn rude nowadays. see! so lame I am going to eat lamp chops for lunch. zzz

Okay this is a looonnng and angsty post but dun blame me, who is the one having to work on a Saturday?! not you, so dun judge. hahaha okay la work is okay but I badly wanted to sleep in ley. ):

nevermind, shopping later! (: (:



signing off, viting
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