Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The internet in my office is constantly screwed up. does not help that we are not just handicapped without the internet, we are crippled. absolutely nothing can be done except stone and daydream or in my case, blog. :D

I shall do a list of things I find annoying. yesyes nothing better to do i know. hahaha which is sadly true so yeah.

1) the starbucks guy that cannot understand any human language other than "tall", "grande" and "venti". when they act all high and mightly and thinking that acknowledging "small", "medium" and "large" degrades their standard or something. hate it when I ask for small, then they look like I am speaking in that secret language tribes used to deliver coded messages. lame like mas selamat!

2) know-it-alls. I am sorry you know every single thing in this entire universe. please please forgive me for my stupidity and ignorance until you enlightened me. i know you are the best so yeah, kindly shut up thanks.

3) people who wear so much perfume that they become the perfume, the bottle of walking perfume. how nice.

4) when people send forwarded emails without deleting the ten million eight thousand and forty-two accumulated ">". so I have to scroll all the wayyyyy down only to find some stupid message about me being cursed and will die in ten minutes if I dun forward the email.

5) having my privacy invaded. i really hate hate hate hate this. even if the person means no harm or whatever, i hate it when people touch my things or look at what i am typing on the computer when i am typing it or tries to squeeze personal information out of me etc etc. and no, it is not because i have any deep dark secrets or anything, i just dun like it.

6) the rain. especially in the morning when i have to go to work, or when im heading out.

7) alarm clocks. hahaha poor alarm clocks, i dun mean to dislike you but why must you ring so damn early every morning?!

alright i have loads more hahahaha but i dun want to sound like such a petty little freak, you know, those that declare "I hate the world!". yup so I shall stop! anyway 7 is my lucky number so I figured it would be a good number to end. :D

anyway the internet is fixed now, so i shall post this up. :D :D speaking of internet, i am forced to add one last point to my list.

8) lousy internet connections.

pfftt spoils my perfect 7. hahaha alright my list ends here!

hooray work is ending in 40 minutes.

and i am blogging so often now! :D :D

signing off, viting
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