Monday, July 26, 2010

Right now, I would kill for a steaming bowl of maggie curry plus one egg with the egg york still watery and nicely mixed with the soup. okay partly because I am hungry and also because the office is like 2 degrees?!? even though raimi kindly allowed me to borrow his extra jacket, I am still damn cold. I want my maggie! rawr now now now! ):

I shall have that for breakfast tomorrow morning since I cannot have it tonight, it's thai food at thai express tonight!

and my left palm is like bruised from playing arcade games yesterday. hahaha the fault of the bishi bashi machine. but it was so damn fun! too bad I was freaking lousy at it, my hand-eye-brain coordination is like zero. whyyyyy?!? love the machine though, challengers anyone? :P

last night I stretched my shirt over my knees and was having so much fun until my shirt ripped. mum nagged at me for an hour for being stupid FML.

hohoho alright no more random stuffs, work is ending in 20 minutes! I shall post up this entry, go to the restroom, drink a glass of water, reply one last email and taa-daa, end of work!

time passed really fast today yay. :D

one month and two weeks more till end of internship. i.can.hardly.wait. looking forward to being able to laze in bed blissfully until noon again, though I just MIGHT miss this place A LITTLE. hmmm.

signing off, viting
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