Friday, July 2, 2010

scary how time flies right?! barely seem like I did anything at all but in actual fact, half a year has just flashed past us. looking back at my new year resolutions make me want to laugh because everything seems like a joke. I accomplished nothing. but nope, I have no regrets! it was a happy half a year nonetheless. (: and when I look pass everything else, being contented and happy is whats truly important to me.

I have done up a new list of resolutions for the next half a year. this list, however, is secret haha unlike the one I made in the beginning of the year. if you want to know, ask me personally. yuppp but really, it's nothing interesting, the usual stuffs everyone resolves to do.

anyway! for the past three days, I have been a facilitator for this amazing race thingy at little india conducted for primary 4 students of zhonghua primary. I have such an awesome time and I know I will miss all the kids so much. haha but life goes on, back to replying endless emails in my office from tomorrow onwards. boooo thumbs down thumbs down! ): rawr I really miss all the kids. haha although I spent merely a few hours with all the groups and although some of them were really cheeky. but hahaha okay okay I know I said this countless times but still!

they always call me "teacher! teacher!" and "viting sisterrr" and "jiejie jiejie" ohmygoshhh I cannot lose my temper at them if I tried. this race proves that I can too, be patient and calm, yay so proud of myself. (: and they do ask/say the funniest things sometimes.

after this, I told a few of my friends that being a primary teacher could be my calling. hahaha but all their reactions were similar, that are-you-kidding-me face completed with raised eyebrows. oh well I mean why not?! yuppp although I know being with them for three days is different from actually teaching them for years but this time something tells me that this is worth considering.

hmmm I shall give this some serious thought. and damn, I really miss them.

signing off, viting
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