Saturday, July 24, 2010

when I was little I used to come up stupid rules for myself. totally pointless and retarded, yet makes me happy and keeps me entertained. perfect for when my mum meets yet another of her oh-hiii-so-how-is-your-daughter's-studies-coming-along or hellooo-did-you-go-to-the-metro sale friends.

1) step only on the white tiles when I walk across a pavement. if I accidently step on the black or step on the lines, start over!

2) try to draw a circle in the air with my right hand and a triangle with my left. i never really did succeed, and sis told me it was physically impossible, but I kept at it. dun know what viting the junior was thinking then. =.=

3) see whether I can hold my breath successfully for one minute.

4) have a competition with my sister to see who can walk the slowest. then hold another to see who can drink a cup of soya milk the slowest.

5) buy a chocolate bar and nibble at it. first eating up the chocolate outside, then eat the nuts inside one by one, then crush the wafer and chew it into a mouthful of mushy paste in my mouth.

and the list goes on... :D

Do you have anything like that?

I think as we grow older, we tend to slowly forget how easy it was to be satisfied like that. how a random and silly game or how an ice cream cone can make our day. we set more and more rules, placing high expectations on ourselves. but in fact, we often do not understand the point in binding all that chains to our life. agreeing to help your friend run an errand, agreeing to submit the proposal to your boss in 2 hours, insisting that the party goes exactly according to plan, let a rude waiter ruin your day, will not be happy unless your husband brings you to the most exquisite restaurant etc etc.

In a nutshell, we overlook the importance of simplicity and doing nothing except being happy. we forget how much fun being silly can be. all we care about is being driven, productive and having everything in your life to purrrfecct. like a cat. meowww

Dun get me wrong, I am not saying that it is bad. but sometimes we should loosen up, laugh, be crazy and spontaneous, do everything for the sake for yourself only and heck care anyone else! not easy, i am still learning. you?

food for thought.

anyway, this is yet another post done during office hours, while waiting for the agents to reply to my quotes and for new emails to clear. haha kills boredom and helps me to keep my blog alive as well, if not I will never find a chance to blog. weekends I either laze around or go out. weekdays I work and work until all I bring myself to do after work is be a couch potato, which in turn is turning me round like a potato but does that stop me from being a couch potato? no I continue to be one, all the while stuffing my face with potato chips. hahahaha all the potatoes in the world unite! peel potatos peel peel potatoes!

speaking of work, I skipped work yesterday. i was sick! ): my tummy ached like abcdefgzxzxzxz. i was actually on my way to work already, but i felt this feeling of nausea so bad that I got off at orchard, ran to the toilet and puke. yikes I hate puking, the feeling is terrible. but anyway afterwards I got a splitting headache. yup so i called my boss and told her that I am going home to sleep. went home and puked a second round. hohoho then slept blissfully until late afternoon. finally dragged myself up to take MC and i lamely got ripped off by the clinic. haha so that basically sums up my uneventful and stupid friday.

yay exactly 20 minutes till end of work. shopping + movie(maybe) later! happy happy. :D :D I love weekends!

signing off, viting
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