Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I managed to survive this whole hotel tragedy! the hotel is extremely fabulous and I love them forever. *ruffles their hair affectionately* hahahaha yay yay they have decided to waive the charge and thus we need not pay a single dollar, cent, coin, penny! this is a load of my mind, so happy that I can stop fretting over this.

I doubt this is due to good karma lah. because I dun deserve it. hohoho beneath the nice exterior i am actually a big bad wolf.

so for this, I want to thank my lucky stars, friends who cared, friends who laughed at me, my red underwater (no i am not serious, dun own any), my sister and all the deities/fairies/angels/harry potter who worked their powers.

I know i am being a drama-queen, im sorry! hahaha but i am just so happy. i dun need to fork out the 360 bucks or let the company bear the cost and be filled with guilt and remorse for the rest of my life, letting this affect my development. hahahahaha.

okayyy i know i know i shall stop. :P

work is ending in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

signing off, viting
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