Friday, September 17, 2010

I love the holidays. it allows me to sleep whenever I want, wake up to eat and then sleep again. :D It also allows me stay up to watch television re-runs and reblog random things on tumblr and blog and drink my homemade milo dinosaur. I am currently doing everything mentioned, while listening to emo songs on repeat. <3

can life get more perfect than this?

speaking of songs, I finally bought new earphones. my old ones were broken on one side and the rubber came off on the other side. you guys should see it, my sister saw it and she was like "what are your earphones doing here, it belongs in the bin." still, I lived with those for one week?! it was terrible. good music is imperative as it makes me happy, and I am glad for the new ones. my emo songs sound even more emo through the new earphones but listening to sad songs when I am happy makes me happier so all's good. :D

and now it's back to my drama, was waiting for it to load.

anyway I will be blogging much more often now(i know i always say that but this time it's true!) because I like typing at night. I like it that everyone is asleep, and all is quiet except the rhythmic "click click" sound of me typing on my laptop. I think the sound is very mysterious. reminds me of the game/book cluedo, when everyone is asleep and miss scarlet will go to the kitchen and solve the mystery of the missing vase. hahaha I can still remember all the characters! my favourite is professor plum because his name is very cute. :D my second favourite is colonel mustard because I like yellow and mustard comes quite close. :D I am really bad at the game though, I tend to find everyone suspicious.

but back to the point, I am off to watch my drama! this episode is super exciting ohmanxzxzokaybye!

signing off, viting
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