Saturday, September 25, 2010

I think I am coming down with the flu. okay recently I have been getting sick easily, am becoming quite weak. to think I used to be known as "the healthy one." the one who never got sick from playing in the rain, eating enough durians to feed ten famished african kids, not sleeping for 2 nights etc etc.

I think I must be getting old. body functions all degrading already.

but I think I also owe this to the countless late nights and the chocolates and the mooncakes. oh yes definitely the mooncakes! I think I ate like one whole box?! there was the yam one, and the white lotus, and the durian and the green tea one (which was very addictive) and a couple more small ice cream ones. what the hell right?!? I am such a pig, honestly. but I love love love those mooncakes, savouring them while enjoying the company of the family was awesome. :D

note: each mooncake has around 1000 calories on average, so in the past few days I consumed more than 5000 calories worth of mooncakes alone fml. hahaha but nevermind, it was worth it. really yummy!

this year's mooncake festive was spent only with the family. we went to chinatown and had delicious timsum at this place called qunzhong-something. haha will bring interested friends there next time, the xiaolongbaos are nicer than dtf's and crystaljade's in my opinion. apart from that we also went to sembawang park and there, we basically did stupid things like use candles to form our names and made a bonfire. no lanterns this year though!

now I am going to swallow two flu pills and crash. please make me all better when I wake up. :) mount sophia-ing with the weirdo tomorrow!

signing off, viting
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