Monday, September 13, 2010

in my previous update I was still ranting about how i am going to die because I forgot to cancel my hotel booking and everything. it has only been a few weeks since then but everything is different now because INTERNSHIP HAS ENDED!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i have waited for this since six month ago so I am pretty happy, at least I think I should be. but in actual fact I no longer feel much anymore. I had expected to go all like "yay I am so happy i could fly!" but I was more like "okay no more work, that's nice." most of my friends feel that same way so I suppose I am pretty normal.

there are some things I would be more than happy to bid farewell to. I am not going to over-analyse here, shall just list a few off the top of my head. firstly, I am definitely not going to miss the morning rush hour I get caught in everyday. I hate them with passion. being shoved around and getting squashed against people who either smell suspiciously like they just ate onions or they poured the contents of the entire perfume bottle over their heads is not exactly my idea of a perfect morning.

apart from that, there is also the torture of having to wake up for work every morning. each one feels like an internal battle within me, with the evil side tempting me to succumb to my body’s cries for more sleep, while the sensible side of me tries to pull my wary body out of bed. i am glad i no longer have to go through this whole process again.

on the other hand, there are some things I know I will miss. like the food! and the lunch hour alone for me to think and relax. I like having that hour of alone time. :) also, i think i might miss the occasional fun quotation or the satisfaction of finally closing a difficult deal.


I just came back from bangkok! it was quite a spontaneous decision to go and it turned out pretty fun.

1) the tom yam was mad awesome! i think i can easily drown ten bowls by myself? okay maybe eight bowls. fine, i think three bowls is my limit. but really, it was good. :)

2) shopping there is much better than in singapore, much cheaper and also more variety. but personally i dun feel that it is THAT good, I did not even manage to buy more than 8kg of things.

3) I wish singapore cabs can work like those in bangkok. the cabs there are in abundance, everything you go there is one! they are really cheap too, especially if we get the driver to run the meter. when we were there we went everywhere by cab so it was convenient and safe.

4) many other things I planned to share but currently feeling too lazy to type them out. wanted to upload pictures from the trip too but my memory card failed. i think i lost all the pictures! oh well. haha you guys can always ask me directly if you wish to know more about my trip! :)


I lost a friend on 30 August. he was strong and he deserved to live. fate, however, has other plans for him so we went to another place. a better place. In any case, I wish him well and hope his family is coping well too.


UPCOMING PLANS FOR THE HOLIDAY (damn short, only one month left!)

1) clean my room, which includes my wardrobe. I can I will I must!
2) bali trip with my friends
3) malaysia trip with family (again)
4) bake cupcakes
5) meet friends i want to meet
6) spend quiet afternoons at the library, read!
7) finish up my unfinished dramas and start new ones.
8) kbox + buffet + picnic + swim + blade + sleep for 24 hours straight

that's all for now! the list looks pretty uninspiring but well, my life is not very exciting. it does not need to be, I am happy anyway. :) I will add on to this list if I come up with something else.

for now, i shall go sleep. need to wake up for movie + shopping tomorrow!

signing off, viting
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