Saturday, September 25, 2010

last night I overdosed on flu pills + warm water in my eager efforts to prevent the flu from becoming worse. instead of one pill I took three, and washed it down with five glasses of warm water.

result: disastrous night

why? :
1) super drowsy! half an hour into taking the pill, I was cross-eyed. I literally started seeing double, looked into the mirror and saw two of me. :D hahaha then somehow I made my way to the bed and slept.

2) woke up ten million times during the night to pee, thanks to the water parade. did not help that I feeling extremely drowsy and my world was spinning. but the genius me still managed to climb out of bed, make my way to the toilet in the dark, pee, flush the toilet, head back to bed and crash again. process repeats itself x countless times.

3) kept breaking out in cold sweat.

but it all paid off in the end. because I FEEL AS FIT AS A FIDDLE NOW! haha dun know whether that is the term to use but in any case, I feel alright again in the morning. :D :D

anyway I am lazing on the couch typing this, feeling too lazy to move. but I need to leave the house soon, if not sure late. stupid rain! super not helping.


signing off, viting
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