Saturday, October 16, 2010

I think if there is a competition for the most unlucky person in the world, you guys would see me there, clutching a gold medal in victory. hahaha seriously, I am so unlucky it's not even funny anymore. anyway I shall not begin explaining why, it is quite a long story. also, please do not ask, because I am too lazy to relate. the purpose of this is for when you guys feel unlucky, simply think of me and feel better, because there is someone out there worse than you. :D

my friend told me there's this popular phrase for unlucky people. "people who would fall on their back and suffer a broken nose." hahahaha this is such a good one I think! :D to celebrate the invention of such a cool phrase, I created another which is inspired by it. "people who crash flat on their faces and end up with a broken spine." which is, more or less the same thing. just that I die die must have my own version.

anyway this is random but I have decided that if I ever created a hand sanitizer, I would create one which kills 100% germs instead of 99.9%. dettol, keri-keri and all the other brands, time to improve your product!

this is also quite random but I really love Amber and Eason, their songs. :D so very therapeutic. haha have been listening since last night. I fell asleep pretty early last night, while listening to their songs on repeat, and woke up to their songs this morning. cheers to my mp3, for awesome battery life!

我们的回忆 没有皱褶

off to catch a movie! haha but I am prepared for an aching neck because today is saturday and we would be lucky to get front row seats.

to all the awesome people in the world, have an amazing weekend! (ignore this if you are not awesome) :D :D :D

signing off, viting
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