Sunday, October 17, 2010

shall blog about last wednesday!

we celebrated the birthday of all the october babies in our class. :D happy birthday guys! :D :D




and school is officially starting tomorrow! we are so going to rock this semester, I just know it! :D although my gpa is hopeless, I can still rock right?!? something else worth mentioning, foodcourt six I am back! my drumlets, nuggets, banana cake, chicken rice add egg, prawn noodles, meatball soup add egg and yong tau foo I know you guys miss me! hahaha I miss you guys too!

on the side note, my skin is peeling quite badly now and it is so freaking digusting. my arm now looks all flaky and patchy and I am super sad. my skin is really quite lag, it has been weeks since I came back from bali and it has just started peeling now?!? FML.

also, whatisdope's collection is pretty good this time round. I like quite a few items! yeah but my bank is so empty now! strutt is also launching later and the preview looks good but I have to stop myself from buying anything. FML x2.

I shall go wallow in self pity now. goodbye people, hope you guys are not as broke as me. :D

signing off, viting
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