Sunday, October 31, 2010

today, I opened the mailbox and found lollipops for me and that really made my day. :) thanks for remembering that these were my favourite when we used to study together. and also that I like the strawberry and cream ones the most.

I think this was the most exciting thing that happened to me today. as for the rest of today, I spent it: lazing on the couch/indulging on junk food like girl guide cookies and cheap(but good) vanilla ice cream/reading a book/taking a grand total of three naps/staring blankly at the television playing completely uninspiring shows/attempting to start on my SMIT project/making awesome milo + oreo + milk + timtams ice blended drink for the family/listening to music. basically, today was super lazy but I love such days the most. <3

as for yesterday, JW and I cycled all the way to this unknown part of sembawang and had supper. then we went to sembawang park and talked about a lot of crazy deep stuffs which was like, so not us. hahaha but I suppose I can be deep and intellectual once in a while? :)

so the above pretty much summarises my weekend.

as for the school days, it was just the usual. I went to school faithfully and had yet to skip a single lesson since school started a few weeks ago. I know, I am awesome right?! hahahahaha.

overall, it had been an awesome week, thanks to all the people and things that made it so. I am grateful for you all.

:D till next time!

signing off, viting
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