Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am convinced that my sore throat will NEVER RECOVER and it makes me sad. I dun want to have this stupid voice foreverrrr! ):

anyway, finally submitted the GBE report today. shall not elaborate on my failure to wake up for school in the morning, despite setting three alarms. haha from tomorrow onwards I am going to get my mum to wake me up everyday so I will not be late ever again man. :D

after school, we went to celebrate the oompletion of GBE and Pychology(for them). for the first time since school started, we went to town together after lessons! had the korean food I missed, drinks at TCC and BFF. yup, and so life is good!

off to bed now, 10am lesson tomorrow! rawr may my voice recover soon, I want to sing again!

signing off, viting
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