Friday, November 19, 2010

I am so hungry that I wouldn't be surprised to find myself eating my toes. hahahaha okay maybe not...but I am really super hungry now! if someone could cook me some mushroom soup or banana waffles or hokkien mee or perhaps even fish and chips I would gladly chop off my toes as a thankyou gift.

why doesn't my house have any food?! not even eggs! which means I cannot even cook my maggie because maggie without eggs is just bleah. ): my kitchen does not have bread too, and it's like, EVERYONE has bread. it's almost a sin not be have bread. I want breadddd! ):

need to visit the supermarket pronto! because evidently my mum doesn't seem to be doing so.

by the way, I skipped school again today because my alarm clocks failed me. I seriously seriously intended to go to school because I skipped last thursday. yeah but my life just sucks like that sometimes.

signing off, viting
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