Thursday, November 25, 2010

okay this is totally puke material but I am choosing to post it up nonetheless. so that you guys understand the amount of insane-ness I get subjected to at home, my brother being the main culprit. haha so basically, my pinky toe nail(I like to call my last toe my pinky toe because it sounds cute) came off just now. gross right!?! I know!! the whole thing just decided to detach itself from my toe. thankfully, it did not hurt that bad or anything, just weird. oh and I kept the nail, in case anyone's interested. :P

in case you are wondering how that makes my brother insane, im coming to that! he was beside me when my toe nail fell out so I showed it to him. hahaha for some strange reason which I am almost afraid to know, he found the whole episode very interesting. yup so he started to attempt at making his own toe nail fall out. and guess what?!? HE TORE HIS NAIL AND THERE WAS BLOOD LIKE ALL OVER MY FREAKING BED.

I mean, isn't there a limit to just how stupid someone can get?!

fine, it was actually quite entertaining. but that does not justify how entirely pointless, not to mention dumb, the whole thing was!

anyway, putting the whole episode aside, I shall review some of the projects and what I have left to complete.

SMIT will be handed in tomorrow, which I am sure would be a huge load off many. haha I like our cover page and the box we are putting our report and appendices in! hopefully it helps in scoring some brownie points with miss kwok. :D yuppp and working with this group had been fun so far. unlike all my previous groups, we are much less last-minute, which I deem as a positive thing of course!

then GBE presentation will be on friday. our group is surprisingly calm despite having prepared nothing. hahaha oh well, guess tomorrow will be a long day of trying to design the summary, come up with questions and do the powerpoint slides etc. speaking of tomorrow, I must not skip school no matter what! even if a typhoon hits my house I will still grab all my books and head to school by 8am. wish me luck, and determination, and that my alarms(four) would actually work. :D

finally, there is SMM to be submitted by next monday but is pretty much untouched. oh my heaven and earth green tea!

hahaha sorry I know it is difficult to catch my train of thoughts sometimes. I write about toe nails, then my brother's toe nails, then projects and not skipping school and suddenly you see "heaven and earth green tea." like whaaaatt?!? heehee but this is me, lying on the bed(bloody bed) with loud music blasting into my ears(which is estimated to cause deafness by 60 years old. I know, I so deserve it right!) and trying to think instead of falling asleep. with me at such a state, guess you guys will have to make do with this.

till next time! :D :D

signing off, viting
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