Monday, November 29, 2010

spent my entire weekend on the shopping mall project. how about yours? hope your weekend was more fun than mine. :D

anyway today my sister told me that obama = lewis hamilton and I nearly choked on my fishball. hahaha honestly, just because they are noth black does not make them twins! though I must admit I went to google their images just now and there is some kind of uncanny resemblance?!

and my dad tried to pay with a hundred dollar note for $1.20 lime juice. I could swear I saw the drinks uncle rolling his eyes.

super pointless day.

but at least I think the project is more or less done?! meeting shitian early tomorrow to consolidate everything and print. hopefully our magazine concept would be well-received by the lecturer man!

guess what?!? after tomorrow, I WOULD NOT HAVE TO TOUCH PROJECTS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! errr at least for another 2 weeks! well, thats better than nothing right? and screw mid sem tests.

signing off, viting
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