Sunday, November 7, 2010

when it's time for bed, my brain automatically switches into the thinking mode and I start to ponder about everything under the sun. why must my brain be so freaking active right before bedtime and yet so inactive when I need it most?!

random things I think about:

1) I make plans for the next day. basically I think of what to wear, what shows there are on television the next day, who I am going to meet, possible activities to do, what to have for breakfast in the morning and a bunch of other nonsense. like should I pair my canvas shoes with shorts or jeans? should I have bread with nutella or peanut butter or kaya or nutella and peanut butter or peanut butter and kaya or all the spreads?! should I tell my mum not to cook radish soup because it smells like puke and I hate it?!

2) I start thinking of a thousand "what ifs". what if I have a million dollars, will I save half of it or three-quarters of it and should I use some of it to treat my friends? if yes, which friends should I treat and what would they like to eat? western food like maybe fish and co or chinese food like ding tai fung or even japanese food like ichiban?! or should I treat them to something more extravagant like buffet at carousel?! what if we went to have ichiban in the end and the sashimi they serve suddenly became cooked pieces of salmon?! hahaha can you imagine? cooked salmon = sashimi :D :D

3) I think of people. I think of my friends and our conversations, some funny, some interesting and some meaningless. I think of the whether they did anything rude to me and why they did what they did. I think of who my true friends are and why I consider them that. sometimes I also start missing people that I grew apart from. I start wishing we never did.

4) I think of scenes in shows. crayon shinchan where la pi xiao xin started running in circles to irritate his mum, my taiwan dramas with all the cute actors, fighting scenes in movies, the scene where the actress gave the main lead a slap cross the face etc etc.

5) The meaning of life HAHAHAHA. yes, seriously I do think about this.

and the list goes on and on and on. "it goes on and on and on yeahhhh~ I'm gonna put my hands up in the air sometimes~~~" *breaks into a song*

HAHAHAHA okay back to this.

so now I am facing this problem and thus decided to blog! figured it would work better than attempting to force all thoughts out of my brain. at least typing all my nonsense out clears my head and as for whether you guys find it coherent or not, that's not one of my main worries. :)

on a completely unrelated note, guys guess what?!? I am officially unable to talk. yeah I lost my voice for the past two days. my friends had to endure my desperate attempts to talk, which ended up sounding more of like a croak most of the time, and also attempt to decode my frantic gesturing. oh well. at least I think it's slightly better now, I should get my voice back...tomorrow? :) hopefully, I hate not being able to talk/sing.

because of this stupid sore throat, I also skipped school for the first time last wednesday, stayed home and had a good rest. thanks to everyone who wished me well. :)

alright, need to go sleep now. the majority of tomorrow shall be dedicated to the lovely projects, thanks for ruining my sunday. this is like, only week three and already we have tons of projects lined up and deadlines coming up in less than two weeks. I suspect the school is secretly trying to kill us. maybe our principal is an alien and he wants to overtake the world. his strategy is to give us projects and make us work until we are weak. killing the human population and taking over the world would then become a breeze!

wahaha but too bad we are not going to let aliens take over us so easily, especially me. I am going to have a longgg rest and prepare to fight tomorrow!

tomorrow's mission: to finish my SMIT individual part and to research on GBE project.


signing off, viting
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