Sunday, December 12, 2010

screw mid sem tests! I am so going to flunk everything despite studying and I give up man. I actually went into all the tests pretty confident, with my mind bursting with facts and I just wanted to transfer all the facts I memorised onto paper. but the papers were freaking screwed up!

most screwed up: RM and SMIT (tie)
I have nothing to say except that they are really super screwed up and I totally screwed up at both papers. the worst part? nobody else seemed to find the SMIT paper difficult except me like what the hell it was obviously a crazy paper. nothing else I studied came out except for the stupid CEM framework and CRM principles. which means, I completely wasted my time and memory space, could have used it to do something more meaningful and fulfilling like watching dramas or reblogging. :P overall I think I will fail this, no confidence for any of the questions, even my examples for CEM and CRM were nothing but a stupid chunk of crap.

and as if that was not bad enough, RM has to be worse. rawr dun even want to talk about it all the questions were so lame that I can take a chopper and chop off my legs so that I become as lame as them. like what the hell almost every question was weird and unpredictable! you know, the most insignificant thing which is like only one slide in the bloody notes?!? yeah those were the ones that were tested! not the evidently important points that he emphasized on doing tutorials or the ones that took up 6326 pages in the notes! when I read the questions I was like, is this a joke?!?

okay let me estimate how many marks have been deducted:

the shower question = 0
Helsinki and Mali = 0
ski area = 0 (this is makes me angry, but at myself. how could I have been so dumb and confused the "ski area" points with "site design" point?!?
spa trends = 0

basically, I think the only question I got correct was the resorts trends one, question 4. FML.

second most screwed up paper: tourism law
hahaha but I did not study as hard for this so whatever. :D it is actually not that bad as well, except that I did not study the points for the first question. nonetheless, I am crossing my fingers and hoping that this will not turn out to be that bad.

least screwed up paper: shopping mall management
this one was actually quite a good paper for me, I am pretty confident so please dun let me down! :D

oh well. sorry for being so boring and annoying, nothing but complaints and complaints. the above was quite angsty but I just needed to get everything out of my system! :D thanks to the friends who had to put up with my incessant rants too, you guys are the best!

anyway it's my holidays now and I am loving every minute of it so far. looking forward to reading, lazy afternoons at starbucks(or JCO, I am falling in love with that place and their green tea frappe is almost as good as stabucks's), wasting an entire day lazing on the couch and staring at my nails/toenails/table/ceiling, tumblr-ing the entire day away, watching dramas, quality time with friends, quality time with myself, a short getaway with my family, shopping( or rather, window shopping. sigh I am sadly as broke as ever), pigging out on good food and the list goes on! oh yah, might have to get started on some of the projects too. haha so that we would not have to gulp coffee to stay awake everynight just to complete reports and meet deadlines.

that's all for now. till next time!

" a person with good thoughts cannot ever be ugly.
you can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a
double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good
thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams
and you will always look lovely. -roald dahl "

signing off, viting
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