Tuesday, December 7, 2010

spent most of today drawing enough mind maps to qualify for the Guinness world records. draw a box and branch out, draw another box and branch out, then branch out four times for four different points x 3283621 times. :D :D I think I will dream of trees sprouting branches non-stop when I sleep later man!

anyway first paper tomorrow or technically, later! all the best to all the shopping mall people! for the past few days I have been saying how the module test will be a breeze and how only need a few hours to read through the notes. haha but guess what?! I took almost the entire day and now whenever I think of anything related, my mind goes blank. this is great, just great. goes to show how lousy my brain can be at times sigh.

oh well what will be, will be. hahahaha off to bed goodnight folks, wish me luck! :D

signing off, viting
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