Thursday, February 17, 2011

haha valentine's day just passed so happy valentine's day to you, me, everyone! :D

anyway I have been catching quite alot of movies recently including burlesque, I love HK, shaolin, just go with me and it's a great great world. hahaha it's a pretty addictive activity actually, love cuddling up with a jacket and staring at the big screen while stuffing myself with popcorn. speaking of popcorn, I am absolutely in love with cathay's sweet popcorn. :) haha it's so sweet, addictive and just so awesome! you know, if my friend suggests sharing a salted popcorn i'll be so sad! hahaha at most a mix of sweet and salted, if not i'll dieeeee. my friend and I used to joke that we will dump a guy if he eats salted popcorn, number one criteria: must eat sweet popcorn!

anyway enough about popcorns!! moving on!!

next monday is my law paper and up till date i am still pretty unprepared. tried some of the past year papers but am rather clueless about everything lah. nevermind, still have awhile to study so i will work hard. tomorrow i shall write some notes to remember first, then maybe during the weekends can try somemore questions?! and then hope for the best!

alright shall watch my show now so bye! :)

signing off, viting
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