Monday, February 7, 2011

hello happy chinese new year people! this is my absolute favourite-estest holiday and I hope this is yours too. :) haha actually totally understandable if it is, you get the most number of days off from work or school, more than any other holiday. plus you get hongbaos, have tons of cny goodies to eat and you have the perfect excuse to gamble. even if you do nothing but lose money you are still very happy just because it is cny and you can be nothing but happy. but in my opinion, the best part of cny is still being able to see all my relatives and catch up, spending quality time with everyone. :)

spent five whole days in my grandma's house in malaysia and it was so awesome. life there is so slack! everyday chill + play + eat + sleep + sleep + eat + watch tv + sleep + did I mention sleep?!

some random happenings:

1) I ate soooo much I think I must have gained at least 5kg in the 5 days. haha so many nice things, I kept stuffing myself with the cookies and chocolates and soft drinks, even though I had a slight flu and sore throat.

2) my flu is much better now, though my voice is still like a man's. sian it can never recover, I swear! whyyyy!?!?

3) a man dressed like CAI SHEN YE randomly walked into my grandma's house uninvited and shouted "huat ehhh" SUPER LOUDLY. HAHAHA it was super funny. then he started giving out sweets and magic 4D numbers befre shouting "huat ehh" again, scaring all of us in the process, and left. one of the numbers he gave was "6868" and it helped my aunt strike 4D. HAHAHAH YAY HUAT EHHH!

4) our neighbour was playing with kong ming deng(chinese lantern?!?) and one flew to the tv cable on our roof. we were worried for awhile because we thought our house would get burnt down.

5) played with fire crackers. we had the traditional red ones that were so freaking loud it made me partially deaf. then we also had this dragon egg thing that you light up and throw onto the ground for it to spin before bursting. aiya basically many many types and all very very fun.

6) I gambled and lost a grand total of one dollar.

7) played monopoly board game with cousins, some games lasting the entire afternoon. so happy to be able to spend an entire day doing nothing and wasting it away. btw I think im pretty good at it! wahahaha.

8) did not wear any new clothes. because we lazed around the house all day so forget it, I was too lazy to dress up or anything. everyday casual. and when I mean casual, I mean really causal. sleeping wear kind of casual. hahahaha.

9) I have a really cute little cousin. he pees in his pants whenever he laughs too hard or is scared. haha but because he is so cute, we like to scoop him up and tickle him or throw him around. therefore I think he pees in his pants 23 times a day on average?!? HAHAHA so cute! then when the bigger cousins use swear words like the f word, he will imitate and go like "fuckinggg!" okay damn cute. :D we are such bad role models though.

10) received less hongbaos this year, never go around visiting! haha but still, not that bad la. yay can go shopping!! :)

11) I have at least 10 new mosquito bites!

12) my uncle hired a lion dance troop to perform at our house. so cool, it just came in and performed for us. haha but the lion took so long to peel a mandarin orange. it just flopped on the table and took it's own sweet time to peel the fruit.

okay that's all for now, my sister took quite a lot of photos, maybe I can upload a few in the next post. show you guys the cai shen ye. :)

and I am so screwed. the pp interview's tomorrow and I have yet to prepare anything! this is not the worst part, the worst is that tomorrow also happens to be our shopping mall's presentation and we have yet to prepare the powerpoint! what the hell how can we still be so calm?!? WE ARE SO DEAD LAAA. presentation tomorrow and ppt not even 2 percent done! planning to rush out everything tomorrow. we are so freaking last-minute!!! FML x162121

I am so sad cny is over. ): okay it is not technically over, considering cny is 15 days in total. but still!!!

nevermind, I still hope that this rabbit year would be an awesome one for me and I will always be happy, everything will go smoothly and I will huat! :)

cheers! 3 hours of sleep till I wake up to reality and head back for presentations + work + exams. am counting down till the next cny!!

signing off, viting
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