Monday, February 21, 2011

this afternoon I was just telling my friends how I have been craving for timsum and surprise surprise, mum prepared timsum for dinner! :) must be telepathy! haha we had wanton, siewmai, glutinous rice and shui jiao. quite a spread! I helped to make the shui jiao and wanton, really fun to flatten the dough into dumpling skin and wrap the filling with them. hahaha but we made quite a mess. I think dad was annoyed because he was hungry but we ignored him and took our own sweet time. a hungry man is an angry man?

oh yesss! tourism law paper is over! haha I think it was an okay paper, apart from the lack of time. when ronald announced that it was the last 30 mins, I grew desperate because I still had two whole questions undone! oh well, at least I managed to crap whatever I could and as fast as I could. there are blisters on my hand nowww! ): why must we write?! why can't we type?!? haha following the advancement in technology and all that right?

I was so happy about getting one paper over and done with that I felt this incredible and uncontrollable urge to slurge. buy something I like to make myself happy! I tell myself I deserve it.(no, not really but yeah, self denial and all that)anyway so I found this forever 21 spree and ordered quite a number of items! die I am broke now. ahhh sucks to be broke. hahaha but I cannot wait for the items to arrive! I think the spree is still open guys, if anyone wants to get anything let me know okay! we can order together, more people ordering = sharing the shipping fees so everyone pays lesser! :)

from tomorrow onwards I will study for RM and GBE, wish me luck everybody!

signing off, viting
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