Thursday, March 10, 2011

hello world! shall blog about the past couple of days! :D :D

two days ago kk, mt and I embarked on a island food tour! haha it was actually kk's idea and I thought it sounded cool so we got mt to join us, since we share a common love for foodddd! and in particular, hawker food! don't get me wrong, of course I love exquisite delicacies and restaurant food. but sometimes, nothing beats a hearty bowl of laksa or prawn mee or a plate of carrot cake or chicken rice. actually I cannot decide which is my favourite hawker food, I like everything! but my favourite-estest I would say is, chicken rice?! haha especially when i am hungry, give me a packet of chicken rice and a glass of teh tarik and just like that, I am sold! :)

anyway it was a satisfying day filled with comforting flavours. out of everything I think I like the custard bun, fish soup and xlbs best. we went to geylang, shaw leisure gallery, beach road, chinatown smith street and maxwell food centre.

the first stop was geylang and that stop was quite fail la. hahaha we went there for find cheap and good banana fritters but lamely left geylang with our stomachs empty and feet aching. oh well. but the next few stops were good! actually we planned to visit toa payoh and amk as well but I suggested giving those places a miss because halfway through we were too full. maybe next time!


as for yesterday, a bunch of us met at cityhall and we went to kbox! :) haha I love singing. favourite place to sing will still be the bathroom at home though, especially during a hot shower. haha I can sing as loud as I want and even if it sounds awful it doesn't matter! afterwards, I even get to draw on the misty bathroom mirror!

then afterwards, we walked from suntec to bugis and had dinner at the foodcourt + ice cream at swensens. I love swensens ice cream! :)

finally, we walked over to timbre to surprise clarence with a birthday cake! haha it was actually minsi's birthday but clarence's was like one day after hers. so coincidental right?! haha if they ever get married they can save on birthday celebrations, all celebrate together! so anyway we sang them a birthday song and they got invited on stage by the live band which led the whole timbre to sing a song for the two of them. haha so I guess it must have been a special birthday for them!


today I also met the gang for dinner. we had a good long chat and 925 chicken rice ohmygoshilovethatthingfromheadtotoe! :) haha life has been treating me well!

but but but! around yesterday I concluded that I cannot slack forever so I decided to look for a job! asked some my friends and also went online to search for job offers. sent a million resumes and got half a million replies! haha in the end I had such a difficult time trying to sort the different companies out and rejecting those that did not fit my criteria. basically, since I am a slacker at heart, I was not looking for a full-time job but more like events and part-time jobs to earn some extra cash.

so now I have two jobs! one is as a salad bar crew, only 4 hours per day on weekdays. so basically, after work ends at 3.30pm, I get the rest of the day free to do whatever I like! since working location would most likely be at town, I can hang out there afterwards. maybe do some window shopping or chill at some cafe. :) then at night I can still head home for my television dramas. sounds okay right?!

as for the other one, it's only on friday, saturday and sunday evenings for a month. job scope would be promoting mexican beer at 7-11 outlets. so yeap, don't be surprised if one day you walk into 7-11 to grab a juice and there I am, giving out beer related merchandises or whatever!

yikess!! means for the next couple of months I would need to work! no more of being a couch potato! quite sad lah haha but too bad, no work no money!

sighh sux 2 b miii.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no lah I am kidding! I dun mind working and actually, I am even a little excited! hope both would turn out fun. :)

that's all for now, will be updating about work soon! cheers!

signing off, viting
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