Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am finally done with the new skin! whew it took me super long to get it done?! haha because I wanted another one initially but that one was seriously too confusing to edit. the codes and all that gave me a headache but I like it so kept trying and trying to edit until I finally gave up an hour ago. it gave me such a headache man! this one's much much easier! haha guess I am just not much of a computer person. oh well. this one's pretty too! :)

anyway I shall blog about yesterday and today.

yesterday my three years of poly life officially ended with the completion of my final paper. found the paper pretty okay. so far I think the hardest paper is rm because I did not study for some of the questions which came out. but in any case, it's over! here's a big thank you to my studying buddies, in particular st, kk and rach. haha studying with friends always works better for me because studying alone usually means studying at home and studying at home = ultimate fail. every.single.time. hahaha the fault lies in the television and the sofa, they are simply TOO tempting. I know, my self-discipline sucks lah!

okay anyway to celebrate the end of exams, some of us went to johor!

we took a taxi from the customs to this new mall called the KSL-something. were all starving so we got some food there. the shi-lin there is awesome man. haha I like it more than singapore's. the chicken is served differently, instead of cutting it up they give you the whole piece and the main thing is, it's so much juicer than the ones here. plus it is HUGE. :) the tempura also tasted nicer. :) or maybe we were just hungry.

anyway we grew bored of the mall pretty quickly so we decided to head to the pasar malam there. must really thank sisi and her boyfriend, they had to drive us around and due to the large crowd, we even spilt into two groups so the boyfriend had to drive both groups separately.

nothing really interesting to see there, but in my opinion much nicer than singapore's. haha alot of food which I was tempted to get but wanted to save some stomach space for dinner. anyway some of us bought face masks which were really cheap. it's the beauty diary masks which I later googled and found out that we bought the fake ones. there are fake beauty diary masks circulating in the market so be careful people! I also found out how to differentiate between the real ones and fake ones so I wouldn't get cheated anymore. in any case, I used the fake one and nothing happened to me. and being a cheapskate, I think I would finish using the rest I bought too. I mean, what can happen right?! I even evil-ly gave one to my sister wahahaha.

then before leaving the pasar malam, kk bought this smelly tofu for us to try. IT WAS THE MOST HORRIBLE THING I EVER TASTED MAN. only one word to describe, SHIT. it tasted JUST LIKE shit. not that I have tasted shit but sorry, no other description available in my dictionary which can as accurately describe how unbelievably pungent and gross the smelly tofu was. ewww TOTALLY PUKE-INDUCING STUFF!

guys, just never try smelly tofu if you come across it next time okay. promise me, it's for your own good. HAHAHAHA.

then it was finally time for dinner before heading back home. we went to this zi-char place and ordered some dishes to share. the crabs were really puny but tasted really yummy. ahhhh dying for some of it, I am so hungry now! cannot stand it, maybe I should try suggesting to mum to bring us out for crabs soon?


as for today, a bunch of us went to celebrate weiling's birthday! as usual, when there is a large group, deciding where to eat takes AGES. haha I think we took slightly over an hour walking around aimlessly before settling for pizza hut. then it just HAD TO be too crowded so we settled for kenny rogers. although I doubt many people like it, we were simply too hungry to be picky and also did not want to walk around any more. anyway it's the company that matters, no?

pigged out on chicken and muffins, I thought the latter was really good. haha or perhaps it was just because of my sweet tooth. :) always had a soft spot for desserts, especially ice cream, chocolate-anything and cakes.

then lydia went to buy a small cake for weiling and we sang the birthday song and everything. haha I love to sing the birthday song. since young, whenever it's somebody's birthday, I would sing the birthday song really loudly. haha guess it's not the tune I like but more of the feeling whenever the song is sang?!? it's just always associated with happiness. :)

after the dinner we headed to butterfac. the rest went in but not me because I did not want to drink. recently pretty sickly so i am trying to take care of my health! did I mention, last week I ran a high fever of 38.7 degrees and a splitting headache man! was a super horrible night for me but luckily it got better after popping my trusty panadol and resting. I love panadol like seriously, I dun know what I'll do without it. haha I know I probably shouldn't love panadol though, it's not very good for me. all my friends tell me the stuff stays in your body for 30 years or something?!? oh yah, and you become reliant on it. which I think I am man! die must stop eating it so often.

okay enough about panadols, haha where was I? oh yah my health. (why am I talking to myself?) apart from the recent fever, I also have frequent stomachaches and an incurable sore throat. my voice sounds PERMANENTLY like a man's and can never recover no matter what I do. -horrified-

point is, I am really worried about my recent health. hahaha should go for a health check up soon and find out whether there's anything wrong man! I told my mum about it and she agreed to take me to the doctor's, although she thought I was most likely just being paranoid. haha I think I agree. but in that case how do you explain the mad hair loss!!? oh yah, which brings me to this, I have hair loss too. hahahahaha I know I still have alot of hair although they keep dropping but stillllll, it's scary to comb your fingers through your hair and find strands of it caught between them. and this always happens.

HAHAHAHAHA okay shall not bore you guys over my health problems anymore. back to weiling's birthday! yup so I spent the night at starbucks playing mono-deal instead, which I enjoyed. how eh I very scared next time start work nobody will play card games with me anymore! hahaha okay then again, how often do you see office people in their formal wear sitting at some cafe playing dai-dee or mono-deal?!? never. would have been pretty funny though. :) nevermind, I can play on weekends.

most wanted to catch the last train so I managed to train home with yeeyen and weiling. :) happy belated birthday again, hope it was good.

yup so here goes my really LONG post. (I amaze myself how much nonsense I can write sometimes) I shall go find some food now, before I faint on the couch. oh and good morning, it's time for bed! :) haha love this feeling of being able to stay up without worrying about having to wake up early the next day. most likely going to crash until evening or something!

signing off, viting
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