Monday, March 21, 2011

I think it is absolutely annoying when people offer me something simply out of politeness but does not mean it at all. for instance, they will ask me something like "I am heading somewhere near there, need me to give you a ride?!" but inside they are silently chanting please no please no, it'll be so troublesome. of course, this is just an example, but you guys get the idea right?! I just think if you do not sincerely care enough, there is no point in acting like you do. because more often than not, people can actually tell whether it is a genuine offer or not, and it will just complicate things, you know? besides, nobody would wish to seem like a trouble or burden to anyone else.

I also hate it when people make me an option while I make them a priority. so it's like, I will see if anything better comes up and if nothing does, then I will go out with you. please, thank you soooo much for your kindness but you can spare it because honestly, I dun give a hoot for it.

okay so nobody's perfect and neither am I. must admit that I have done the above but I really hate it when people do that, so I shall keep it in mind to always be sincere and not take anybody for granted again. :)

haha just some food for thought.

anyway here is to a really good friend of mine, forget the jerk because he does not deserve you and it's his loss! you are allowed to cry but afterwards remember to smile and forget him, show him that you do not need a loser like him to be happy. besides, you have me! I am always just a call away! who does he think he is anyway?!? -angry- oh yah go listen to fan wei qi's mei na me ai ta, I think you would be able to relate to the lyrics! all the best!

signing off, viting
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