Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I think it is sad that people do, and will always, judge others superficially. even if we try hard not to, we often find ourselves drawing conclusions based on mere exterior or whatever is on the surface. but if you dun really know KNOW a person, then are you sure what you are judging is the truth?

you are thin and therefore you are anorexic.
you are overweight and therefore you eat too much + you are a sloth.
you wear glasses and therefore you are a nerd.
you score bad results and therefore you are stupid.
you score good results and therefore you lock yourself up and study 24/7.
you are popular and therefore you must be a nice person.
you have no friends and therefore you must be annoying.
you eat expensive food and therefore you must be rich.
you prefer hawker food and therefore you must be poor.

Isn't easy to fall into the sterotyping trap?!

signing off, viting
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