Saturday, March 5, 2011

what the hell I am so hungry!

how can I be hungry again?!? had yummy zi char for dinner, one entire macdonalds meal for supper and less than an hour ago I had a cupcake which I rummaged from the kitchen. but now I am craving for crepes and cream and strawberries! seriously, my appetite can be pretty alarming. hahahaha die all I do is eat and eat junk food, need to have more fruits starting tomorrow, so that I would hopefully get less sickly. :)

speaking of which, I went for the doctor's checkup today. haha did blood tests and everything, going to take the report next week. dun think there's anything wrong with me la, I have a tendency to be paranoid, especially when it comes to my health. every little thing and I say that I am going to die. haha but mum scheduled the health checkup for me, just in case. keeping my fingers crossed!

signing off, viting
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