Thursday, April 21, 2011

hello! I am dropping by to let you guys know what I have been up to! :D

since last week I started this new event job with shitian. haha we were at home one random day and decided to search for temporary jobs online, since we spend most of our days slacking around anyway. haha so might as well earn some extra cash for shopping right?! speaking of shopping, I need to shop soon!! have not bought any new piece of clothing for eons! am not even shopping online much anymore. nevermind, soon I shall gather some friends to shop till we dropzzz. hahahaha cannot wait! but for now, I am too busy with this job for much of anything else.

so the job scope is basically helping out at the stadium for some national track events. I have been waking up at 6am for this and thus am usually dead tired by the time the event ends. guess that should also be the case for everyone else? the job is pretty alright though! I like the atmosphere and being able to watch the track events up-close, it's really cool to see the runners sprinting for their livessss haha. :D it is always good that we found other zhi4 tong2 dao4 he2 people who play cards like us. haha so the days are not so boring because no day is boring with mono-deal and bridge. well, at least for me! -grins-

yup so that more or less sums up what I am doing recently. btw sorry friends, if I am kind of MIA now. hahahaha I sleep as early as 8pm so I may not be very readily available even at night, not to mention the day. :D nevermind, if it's urgent call me!

tomorrow is good friday! haha I can wake up slightly later so guess tonight's good for macs supper! yums cheeseburger here I come. :D byeee and till next time!

signing off, viting
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