Sunday, April 17, 2011

on thursday we went to universal studios and it was mad fun! :D I love the battlestar coasters because in general I love rollar coasters haha. the thrill experienced while taking it is awesomeeeezz. although it rained in the afternoon and killed our moods a little, we still managed to make the most out of the trip. love the company too!! :D :D

oh yah but we screamed so much that I am voiceless now. I sound pretty much identical to a frog. -croaks-

my whole body is also aching now. hahaha my life very sad, every part of my body is painful. foot pain, toe pain, voice gone, back ache, leg muscle ache, NO BODY PART IS IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION! FML.

okay enough of complaining. haha going off to watch my videos on youtube so byeee! :D :D

P.S why does my photo turn out so blurry? blogger picture upload is lousy. ):

signing off, viting
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