Sunday, April 24, 2011

today is stay-home sunday for me! :D and my relatives came over so that we could do some family bonding thingy. you know, adults tend to love initiating such gatherings. not that I am complaining though, I enjoy everyone's company. sometimes my siblings and I will discuss whether we would meet up like ten years down the road. by then, I presume we will be married and possibly have kids, though it is impossible to imagine how I will survive all that but yeah, I am not letting myself think that far just yet. if you guys know me, you would know that I am a take-things-as-they-come person so we shall see! for now, I just want to celebrate and live my life. -breaks into a song- hahahahahaha okay crap, ignore me!!

if you guys have not realised by now, this post is completely meaningless and is established entirely for the purpose of personal amusement and to relieve boredom.

hahahahahaha -zi highing mode-

sorry lah guys, I am in an extremely happy mood today for some reason unknown to even myself. I think experts call this....personality disorder?!? hmm dun think so, I just googled and people suffering from personality disorder(the various types) are usually depressed for no reason. haha im the opposite! okay, so there is no such condition published in medical science yet? no term for being happy for no reason. oh well, whatever lah, hope somebody comes up with something soon. :D

anyway just to sidetrack, earlier on all my relatives and I, we were watching teevee happily when suddenly my uncle decides to ask my mum, "what do you dislike your kids doing most?" wahhhh intense question leh, dun play play.

so basically the question led to a discussion about what my mum feels about us and vice versa. woah really freaking intense, cannot stand it. hahaha I am usually on pretty good terms with my mum and we have this mutual understanding on most things. but still, I am not someone to spill my guts to my parents about everything. there are certain boundaries I would not, and know I should not, cross.

but in any case, we ended up having a heart-to-heart adult talk. I think I must thank uncle for asking such a random question which led to the conversation. it was a very open one, and I think we reached an even greater level of understanding after that, which my sister agrees! :D yup so I am grateful for that.

wooohooo! -still zi-highing- hahahaha btw I am like typing this post while running to the toilet every five minutes. having a terrible diarheoa(?!?), no diarrhoa(?!?), NOOO it's diarrhea?!? what the hell I can NEVER spell the word correctly. okay I went to and it's D-I-A-R-R-H-O-E-A. diarrhoea!!! so hard to spell please! :D

hope it gets better soon, I have work tomorrow and cannot afford to run to the toilet every few minutes!

okay got to run! going to watch star awards! so egg-cited! :D


signing off, viting
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