Friday, April 8, 2011

watched the first episode of "we are singaporeans" online just now. the contestant called Terence is SUCH A FREAK. hahaha I swear! he seems to know EVERYTHING about singapore, even the little things that I am pretty certain nobody ever bothered about. no kidding, the questions were reaaaaallly difficult and out to kill. mediacorp is just too stingy with their game show money so I presume they made all the questions so hard intentionally. like for instance, which reservoir in singapore can you find Lim Bo Seng's grave. hello?!?! like who on earth knows?! and I am pretty sure we never studied that for history/social studies before. unfair!! another question I remember is the one that asked which airport served as singapore's first civil airport. haha I was like clueless, the only airport I know is changi airport and erm, paya lebar? but I really respect the guy on the show man, he is super smart, managed to win ten thousand bucks! well, guess it's a reminder for me, time to get to know singapore on a deeper level hahahaha.

okay anyway here I am, blogging while waiting for my movie to load.

yesterday my friends and I caught the movie sanctum. the show kind of reminded me of the poseidon, also about a crisis and how the characters use their wit and fighting spirit to get out alive. the crisis in this case came in the form of being trapped in an inaccessible cave system with the characters having to fight strong waters, limited food/warmth/oxygen and rising panic to find a route to escape from.

was not expecting much initially because the reviews online were not exactly good? haha although my friends who watched it recommended it. oh well, guess we are less critical and easier to please? I dun know about you, but I think it's a good show. although at times some of the characters were so annoying and whiny that I found myself wishing that they hurry up and die. since it doesn't take a genius to predict that they would die eventually anyway.

well but in any case this show got me thinking-when it comes to a life or death situation, how many people can actually still be selfless? because it makes sense right, every man for himself? just how many people can safely say that when there is a disaster, say...leaking ship(lousy example but yeah you get the idea) and there is only one life vest, you would give it to your friend?!

haha but whatever it is, may we never face such a tough decision!

throughout the movie st and I were super worked up + noisy. haha so funny! mt was pretending not to know us the entire time. anyway afterwards we had dinz and played cards(as usual) until I nearly missed the last train. (I think) overall:fun day!

I want to watch let the bullets fly next! who wants to watch with me?! :D

whoo and as for today I met up with hannah, like finally! haha we are all busy doing our own stuffs but glad that we had a great day shopping + talking + eating! thai food rocks my sockssss!

hahaha okay a bunch of nonsense movie is finally loaded! off to watch it now! tomorrow st and I are attending a briefing for a new job we both signed up for! must.not.oversleep.or.else!

byeeeeeeeeee! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D (okay tiring to type so many smiley faces hor!)

:D :D :D :D

:D teehee!

signing off, viting
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