Wednesday, April 6, 2011

woohoo finally fixed the bandwidth problem on this blog which I had been too lazy to bother about until just now. I know im hopeless, simply clicking a few buttons also lazy. oh well, at least I got down to it eventually right! :D

have been spending my recent days: sleeping in/breakfast in bed/watching movies online/lazy afternoons at starbucks/overdosing on kaya toasts/making trips to down to amk for bubbletea/maggiecurry-ing/pointless days with friends/work/spending hours on tumblr/indulging in junk food/catching most channel u and 8 drama and being a crazy mediacorp fan/visiting the library/supper with friends on some days and sister on other days/attempting to cook dishes like pasta and curry chicken/getting my body clock screwed up/random conversations/attempting to stretch and touch my toes(have lost the ability to do so! really unflexible now!!)/pampering my hair with homemade hair treatments such as combining milk + vinegar + baking powder to form a paste and messaging it onto my hair/accompanying mum to ikea or to the supermarket so that I could help her carry everything back/etc/etc/etc.

the chunk of words are giving me a headache so that's all for now! catching a movie tomorrow, should be sanctum. hopefully it will be nice! haha super dislike feeling bored in the theatre. -crosses fingers-

goodnight world! :D

signing off, viting
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