Sunday, May 15, 2011

finally here to update! the past week had been crazily busy. met many different friends, watched movies, sang, attend work briefings, went shopping etc etc. haha but very happy everyday. :)

the only thing that ruined my mood is the mega zit on my right cheek. hahaha I especially hate the kind that I can actually see. it is so big that as long as I glance downwards, I can see it from the corner of my eyes. I have been battling it (I know la, I make it sound like cancer or something haha) for several days now! please disappear soon! -crosses fingers-

alright need to crash! if not tomorrow I would be unresponsive again. I have like that the past few days, due to lack to sleep. very often when my friends tell me something I would end up going "huh?" cos I really cannot process my thoughts. either that or my thoughts are just very lag. I also tend to space out alot these days. haha forgive my sleep-deprived brain okay?! :)

oh and my sister finally got my pay from the grandsalads today! haha she is sooo awesome, I made her run there like three times but she did so everytime! yes, with a teeny bit of grumbling but still so niceee. sigh, the things she does for me sometimes! glad to have her, seriously.

okay gonna crash NOW! goodnight!

signing off, viting
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