Thursday, May 19, 2011

I just typed a longggg post titled "random happenings" and because blogger is screwed up, everything is lost! oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh x175271, such a waste of my time! whyyyyyy it is not auto saved?! somebody tell me! rawr! -angry-

hahaha but oh well, guess what's lost is lost! in this case, I am simply too lazy to retype everything. even if my brain wants to, my fingers have no strength so I guess they are not going to cooperate. too bad!

anyway, movies I am planning to watch/re-watch asap on funshion/ in the theatre:

1) Pirates of the Caribbean, on stranger tides - my classmates and I are catching this on graduation day, after the ceremony. haha hope the plan goes on as planned because I want to watch this! :)

2) The Tourist

3) The Hangover

4) Arthur - looks nice but I missed it while it was screening. nevermind, funshion to the rescue!

5) The Social Network - yes I have yet to watch this. yes I know im living under a rock. but in any case, I have already loaded it on funshion to watch...soon! (omg I loaded too many shows on funshion, how am I supposed to even finish watching them?! movies la, episodes of my drama, variety shows etc etc)

going to finish watching these five then decide on my next five!

I love funshion so much. and I love the theatre too! being able to snack on cathay's sweet popcorn while enjoying comfy cinema seats is so awesomezzz. :)

oh yah, and I have a recent love-hate relationship with watsons. I love shopping there because there are so many things to see and buy! but it is making me and st both broke! just a few days ago I spent a bomb there, really heartpain but I tell myself the things I buy are classified as 'needs' not 'wants' so I suppose it's justifiable. then today was the watsons close-door members sale which st and I went to and bought random products like the loreal youth code (moisturiser), masks, scrubs etc etc. we tell ourselves that it's an investment. hahaha which is true, I am terrified of not ageing gracefully so I am starting to use anti-aging stuff now. you know, better start early because once the wrinkles appear they are here to stay! and considering how I am always under the sun and often without any UV protection, I am sure I am going to look 50 at 30 omgggg save me!

okay I am going to draw up a plan to follow called "steps to ageing gracefully" and follow it faithfully. will maybe update you guys when the plan is ready!

haha that's all for now! till next time!

signing off, viting
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