Saturday, May 28, 2011


really mixed feelings about this, it's happiness coupled with a tinge of sadness and sprinkled with specks of nostalgia. it was such an awesome three years of my life and I am so grateful to everyone who were part of it. I will miss so so so many things about the three years but as the saying goes - don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened! I am trying to remind myself of that and look forward. there is still so much to embrace in the future!

moving on the next chapter of my life means that from this moment onwards, many things are going to change. much as I look forward to the changes, I must admit that I am scared. not the slightly scared kind of scared but the bloody scared kind of scared. nobody knows what the future holds and this is especially for me, for I am still in the process of sorting everything out.

but no matter how the journey may be, I will do my best to enjoy this ride. I will stay true to myself, follow my heart and stay happy for myself, always. wherever I may end up and whatever changes I may face, my motto in life will always stay the same!

"do what makes me happy and what makes my heart sing."

:) to singapore poly, thank you for the wonderful classmates you have given me and for the lovely memories that I will forever treasure and hold close to my heart.

anyway, here's to the friendships forged, the countless nights we stayed up trying to complete a particular project, the cups of coffees sacrificed to keep us awake while we mug for tests, the silly videos we filmed as extra credit for project presentations, the times we spent outside the printing room frantically trying to put together the final report before the deadline, the monopoly games I won, the monopoly games I lost, the numerous sessions of bridge and daidee, the fun times, the not so fun times and basically everything else that made my three years what it was.

signing off, viting
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