Friday, May 6, 2011

it is strangely addictive to torture myself by putting salt on my giant ulcer. have been doing that since a couple of hours ago. put salt-scream in pain-get high over the intense pain-experience happiness over the pain-wash off. cycle repeats x2917 times. :D

maybe this is why people slash their wrists? to experience this pain which is like, so fun! hahahahahaha. okay I am abnormal. and no, I am TOTALLY kidding about being able to understand why people slash their wrists. dun think I can ever understand/support the act because it is just so silly. nothing in the world is so terrible that it cannot to resolved. and inflicting harm on yourself solves NOTHING. on the contrary it just magnifies the problem?! yeah I am all for those love-and-respect-yourself shit man!

by the way, it is voting day in like another less than 30 hours! the fate of singapore for the next five years is going to be sealed by singaporeans! awww how I wish I could vote.

sucks to be 20 years old! (super old but yet not enough to be considered as an adult, neither here nor there)

went to watch numerous videos on the internet regarding the different speeches made by the various parties and went to check up on their manifestos online. haha I think this is the first time I show any significant amount on interest in politics but really, this election is pretty interesting. I think some of the opposition's ideas are pretty good but overall, I am all for the PAP. haha because I respect Lee Kuan Yew and genuinely like Khaw Boon Wan + George Yeo. yes I even "liked" them on facebook. :)

why Khaw Boon Wan? well because he has been the MP for sembawang GRC since forever? and I think he has done a pretty decent job so far. although I always grumble about how ulu sembawang is and all, I enjoy staying here. he has actually visited my house three times in total ever since I shifted here around 5 years ago. everytime he visits, he is always nice and smiley plus most importantly, he is not all talk and no action. because my neighbours and my overly enthusiastic parents (it can get quite embarrassing at times) actually gave him suggestions about wanting a bus interchange and an NTUC near my house and both actually happened shortly after. although the bus interchange is so lame they might as well just tear it down, but at least I see an effort made lah. apart from that, he was the only VIP whom cared enough to talk to me during F1 when I met him while working at one of the suites. haha so I think he has no airs and does not act like he is better than the rest just because he is a minister.

so then, why George Yeo? because I think he has been doing fine so far as a foreign minister and I think it would be strange to lose him? if workers party win this election for the aljunied GRC, it means we lose George Yeo as a foreign minister and he would no longer have a place in the parliament. so strange right?! haha I mean, he has been holding the role since as long as I remember so if it suddenly becomes someone else I think I wouldn't like it. call me unflexible lah. but really, I think as a foreign minister for so many years he would have forged some strong relationships with other countries and so all that would make him valuable to our country. I watched all his inteviews etc and think I like him so here I am, basically rooting for him.

as for the opposition, I like Nicole Seah because I find that she speaks well and is intelligent. and she also sounds pretty passionate and mostly sincere in all the speeches. as opposed to Tin Pei Ling, whom I think cannot make it(CMI) as a MP. I wouldn't mind making friends with her because she seems nice in general, but as an MP I feel she lacks some essential qualities. she still has a lot more to learn! in any case, I think the SSP ultimately does not particularly stand a chance against PAP in Marine Parade GRC. so the aljunied GRC is still the more exciting one because I think it is going to be a tough fight there.

oh, and PAP should just stop trying too hard there, because I feel that the more they try to convince singaporeans to vote for them in the aljunied GRC, the more people want to vote for the opposition. it is just like how when the more my mum nags at me for eating ice cream after 12am, the more I feel like not just eating it, but finishing the entire tub. also, I think by trying too hard to convince people, it shows that PAP is losing their confidence and some people also feel "threatened" by them.

overall, I hope that oppposition can win more seats in the parliament so that it is less one-sided. it is always good to have someone question your views so that everyone improves. yup but please not vote George Yeo out, simply because I think he deserves to stay and continue serving singapore as a foreign minister.

I think PAP is not perfect, they have a few questionable policies(like the GRC system which I think should be abolished) and sometimes they say things which makes me go like, "huh?!" but in general, I recognize the fact that they stuck by us through the years of SARS, economic downturn, bird flu and the flooding. (which they claim happens once in 50 years haha. wrong! but they would not have known right!? it would be lame of us to blame them for the floods because it is not like they can control rainfall? at least they took some measures to improve it.)

so stop blaming them for the floods! I am okay with singaporeans complaining about everything else like the rising cost of living, high minister salary...everything! haha EXCEPT this flood thing because I think if PAP could predict the weather, they would not be our gar-ment liaozxzxz, they would be deities.

people, Goh Chok Tong =/= Er Lang Shen. Lee Kuan Yew =/= Yu Huang Da Di. okay?!?

to all my opposition-supporting friends(I happen to have alot), just my two-cents worth so hope you guys dun mind! guess everyone has their own opinions when it comes to politics. :)

well, I cannot vote anyway! =.=

P.S. does anyone know how long it takes for the results to be out after voting day?!

P.S.S. going to load more GE related videos to slowly watch! this is as addictive as putting salt on my ulcer man!

signing off, viting
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